With deep expertise providing multimodal third party transportation and logistics solutions, LynnCo partners with shippers and carriers who share our passion for excellence in transportation. Our unique consultative approach using applied technology can achieve high performing results that make every shipment a positive and profitable experience.

  • you had a concierge-style partner that specialized in your market,
        building transportation competency and savings every year?
  • you could impact your entire company by balancing service and
        inventory without the overhead?
  • you had access to proprietary software designed to empower
        cost saving supply chain strategies?

Finding partners that specialize in your market is key to supply chain health. And, supply chain health is vital to the overall budget. LynnCo builds transportation competency while delivering year-over-year savings. Our innovative, collaborative technology and concierge-style service enables you to monitor supplier performance, anticipate shipping problems, and quickly make adjustments which ensure transportation operations run as efficiently as possible for years to come.


Powered by analytics and Six Sigma practices, our proven approach involves not just identifying the problem, but uncovering the cause. LynnCo delivers profound value with company-wide impact, achieving the right balance of service and inventory without the overhead of labor, systems, or expertise. 


As a fully-hosted, web-based tech suite, SuiteEdgeTM is easy to adopt, requiring no capital expenditures to develop or maintain. With our proprietary data mapping tools, linking systems is quick and easy without the need for hours of customized development and costly resources. SuiteEdgeTM represents a “best of breed” approach with innovative programming specifically designed to empower LynnCo's cost saving strategies and making it the only supply chain management program of its kind.